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Compiler Construction Class
[UG] Selfie Compiler extension: Instructions, arrays, structures, for-loop
Introduction to Operating Systems
[UG] Operating Systems features overview: encoding, grammars, compilation, memory management
Systems Engineering
[UG] Selfie Emulator extension: System calls, processes, threads


[G] compilation, abstract and virtual machines, garbage collectors.
[UG] OCaml, C-Interoperability, Swift and C#
Java Pro
[UG] Java, Design Patterns, Programming tools, Android
[UG] XServer, Qt, JavaFX, PureData
[UG] textual protocols, html, php, css, javascript, ajax
[UG] Python


Client-Server Structures and Architectures
Programming of Human-System Interfaces
[UG] Scripts, Perl
ARE Modeling
[UG] Model creation applied to physics problems